New Goodies, Pt.1 : BUST CRAFTACULAR

Nearly a year later and we are back on the blog with a catchup of what’s going on over at Merry Happy Studios. This is going to be another super visual post. 🙂

BUST 2013

Does this picture look familiar? It should because the previous blog post also started out with a pic similar to this. Once again Merry Happy Studios was showcasing our goods at the Bust Craftacular @ Maker Faire this year. We didn’t have any rain but it was a big dusty weekend. Either way it was fun and great seeing the reactions to our new products; especially from kids who are unrestricted with their emotions.

First in the new products list, which is not for kids but that didn’t stop them from exclaiming “We should get that for Daddy!”

Beer Bag

Adding to the line of Grandma tote bags, I debuted 2 new grandpa “drinks” totes. COFFEE + BEER. Yum.

I created a bunch of tiny gift-able items that kids could afford. Things like postcards, pin back buttons and stickers. ^_^





These were eaten up! So happy about that.

More pictures to come in a follow up post… Going to force myself to get back on track with this blog.

And finally wanted to mention that I launched a brand new web shop 1-2 months ago. Other than my etsy, you can now buy directly from

New Web shop Thanks for stopping by and being patient with my post!

L’arc~en~ciel @ MSG

This past Sunday I experienced one of the greatest nights of my life. I was able to see my favorite group L’arc~en~ciel live at Madison Square Garden! I’ve been obsessed with them for a long long time. It started with a unhealthy love for Gackt and quickly progressed into all other things Japanese. That went on for a good 7 years till college hit and I no longer had time to be a fan-girl anymore. 😦 But all that excitement and glee came rushing back. I think I’m in love again.

View of the stage.

The boys.

Hyde rocking out.

Ready, Steady, Go!


Hyde and his sexy ass eyes

Pyro effects, disco balls and more

And final picture of the night. Kissy-Face Hyde. Showing all the fans some love. <<333


It has now been 4 days since the concert. I am still in a dreamy haze. The concert was surreal and I get over how amazing it is.

I have been listening to the albums Real and Awake on repeat. L’arc and Hyde has been rolling off my tongue non-stop. 😀

Thanks to the new viewers whom have stopped by to check out the photos!

Hope you all enjoy

~Love, Wendy

Day Job

I clearly lack the motivation to blog once a week. I’m working the grown up gig now. Doing 9-5 at a big publishing firm. But I vow to you, 2012 will be a better year of updates. Here’s the first post of the year filled with lots of sketches. (and some finals) ♥

Professor Buttface says… Series

I’ll be putting prof. buttface in a series of illustrations based off of famous quotes in books.

First up is Candide. “Excellently observed,” answered Candide; “but let us cultivate our garden.”








X-Files and Me

I recently brought season 1 of the X-files. So I decided to make a mini comic about it. This is the first 2 panels. HA. Text is TK.








Bacon hair Grandma










Sweater Boy

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