Hello Dango~

I’ve been busy this year releasing several new lines of cute characters for my company Merry Happy Studios. Among them is the dango x animal remix design. If you’re not familiar with dango’s, they’re a Japanese sweet dessert made of rice flour and comes 3 on a stick. They’re super yummy and pretty too! Take a peep below to see my design~


These plushies were made in a limited edition number of 150 and they’re so squishy and soft. ^-^ They’re still available on my website and etsy.



Acrylic necklaces on gold accented ball chains


Waterproof vinyl stickers. Slapping them everywhere!

So what do you guys think? You like? I’m always looking for feedback. 😀


Xiao Fu in the Summer.

Guess what this lady has been up to?

Woot! Wearable art! I’ve been developing my brand and characters these past 6 months and I’m super excited to reveal this. This is the first new product of mine in a while and I am so happy with the results. It is also a new medium of mine to play with so look out for more in the future. Also notice the new logo. A website is in the works as well as possibly some PVC figures. Crossing my fingers that the brain juice will continue to work and get inspired. ^-^

The design on this shirt was based off of a tiger plushie I made 2 years ago for a art gallery show. It was inspired by my first trip to China with my family and I saw all these amazing folk art. Xiao Fu is in the same set of designs as Boba pig below. They will be an entire line of animal people as well. 😀

Here is a picture of me after I ripped apart the box and immediately put on the shirt in it’s instagrammed glory.

Also would appreciate some love on my facebook page. It’s lonely.


I’ve been on vacation for about 5 days now including this weekend. No wonder retiree’s get bored. I’m bored outta my mind. I’ve gone through my hard disk looking for old projects. I’ve been trying to improve my octogirl to make it a bit cleaner and more graphic. It’s been 4-5 years since the birth of my original drawings of her. There are about 5-6 versions of her on my MAC right now. Half I can’t even find. So, the newest I’ve made is the ganguro bright color edition. The eyes are girlier and more symetric. Their going to grace sticker form again into packs which I might start trading again.

stickers coming soon

Ya like? I might add some to the shop too if I can make enough. I need them cash. Sadly, I’m running out and my school just sent me yet another letter asking for more money. Fuckers. Merry Xmas Folks. Enjoy the holidays and drink lots of cocoa.