New Goodies, Pt.1 : BUST CRAFTACULAR

Nearly a year later and we are back on the blog with a catchup of what’s going on over at Merry Happy Studios. This is going to be another super visual post. 🙂

BUST 2013

Does this picture look familiar? It should because the previous blog post also started out with a pic similar to this. Once again Merry Happy Studios was showcasing our goods at the Bust Craftacular @ Maker Faire this year. We didn’t have any rain but it was a big dusty weekend. Either way it was fun and great seeing the reactions to our new products; especially from kids who are unrestricted with their emotions.

First in the new products list, which is not for kids but that didn’t stop them from exclaiming “We should get that for Daddy!”

Beer Bag

Adding to the line of Grandma tote bags, I debuted 2 new grandpa “drinks” totes. COFFEE + BEER. Yum.

I created a bunch of tiny gift-able items that kids could afford. Things like postcards, pin back buttons and stickers. ^_^





These were eaten up! So happy about that.

More pictures to come in a follow up post… Going to force myself to get back on track with this blog.

And finally wanted to mention that I launched a brand new web shop 1-2 months ago. Other than my etsy, you can now buy directly from

New Web shop Thanks for stopping by and being patient with my post!


Gallery Project

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to participate in a little meeting of creative minds. For 6 months my coworkers and I have been thinking and actively creating art just for the sake of art. No clients, no pressure, just a return to our roots back in our college days. For me, just like the college days I procrastinated till the last minute. I panicked in December and brought massive amounts of supplies. My mind was all over the place. Some ideas were too big to be completed by the February deadline so I focused on painting. I actually did 2 paintings midway and then abandoned it and started new. In the end I had 3 completed paintings and 1 sewn felted plushie. And I’m in the midst of starting another painting and have a idea to felt another creature as well. Thanks to my art director Kirk Benshoff for coming up with the idea and setting it all up. If not I would’ve never picked up a paintbrush again. All in all, it was a great night and I was dead tired by 10.

Here are some pictures I managed to take

Typography paintings by Ben

Aprons sewn by Tracy

Paintings by Maria

Lego Buildings x Works by Jonathan

Paintings by Alison

Paintings x Feltie by Yours Truly


More pics to come!


8.16.09 Artist Spotlight

Last Friday was suppose to be my last day of work. But luckily, due to a wonderful miracle I’m staying at my job for a extra month. It’s not a miracle really, its very much due to Ed Young. Over the summer I had the pleasure of meeting him twice to work on his new book and he is so down to earth, witty and funny.  Getting involved in Ed’s book was purely by accident though…

Nearly 2 weeks ago I was just finishing up a project and going out to pick up the print out for the project when I see a man standing outside looking quite a bit lost. He had a portfolio in his hand and it was a strange sight because even if artist come in to the building, they rarely wander to my area of workspace. So as I start approaching, he asks me for directions to the editors office and I gladly give it to him. Only when he slightly turns to walk away that I see his visitor pass. And on it says ED YOUNG and my hearts starts to freak. After he left, I literally paced outside my room for a good 3 minutes not knowing what to do. So I somehow ended up next to the Senior Designer’s desk and I start blabbering about how I just met Ed Young. I must have been making a commotion because the senior art director comes over and tells me to come along to the meeting. And from there, I’ve been involved with the project ever since. I can’t wait to see the results of the book though I’m sure I won’t be there when it comes to completion. I personally can’t wait to see and get a bound copy of the book. The contents of it, I won’t say but its something that I can very much identify with.
(T_T <— I tried to make the crying face with the letters but obviously it would only work with a sans-serif font. )

Ed’s other works are a mix between painting and collage work. His most recent book Wabi Sabi is just so beautifully made and reached the NY Times best seller list. If you haven’t gotten a chance to look at it, It’s a great resource book for designers, artists, and lovers of the beautiful.

Click on the picture to buy your copy from Amazon.

Check out more of Ed Young’s work at

And on a ending note, I’m so sad the summer is coming to a end. Summer has always been my favorite season. And every year I have a active imagination of how I will spend it. But it never ends up the way imagined. And now another year is going to end. How incredibly sad.


I finally did it. After much procrastination I finally got myself some Moo Postcards done. I can’t wait until I’m able to smell that crisp newly printed goods.

These are some of the designs I’ve submitted for the pack of 20.

I’ve been slacking lately. I need to catch up with my homework, work work and designing more characters. I can’t rely on working off the dessert midgets forever.

My health has been declining lately as well. I don’t know what’s causing all this. I don’t feel stressed so it can’t be that. But, I’ve put off the doctor’s visit for too long. I made an appointment and I’m going this Friday. I pray that I’m healthy and what’s happening is merely a allergic reaction.

PROMO of the WEEK: Even though I get nothing from it.

Thursday night I went to a advanced screening of SEXDRIVE. It is so funny, so you get a chance, go catch it. But, it isn’t for people who can’t take perverse jokes and such. Seeing how I am a perverse joker, I loved it.

I don’t get anything from this promo but I did get a wicked hand held fan and a too tiny tshirt for me before the screening. But still, I got something right? haah Look at their website and see the dancing donut.

This is sad. Real Sad.

A few minutes ago I was slurping up possibly 3 week old spaghetti and I find it quite good. I was on a semi diet of non soda, candy, junk and such for 2 weeks now and I just broke it by eatting some Low fat Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. It is low fat but still, all that chocolate and cow urine goodness. Ain’t no good for me. My life is actually busy now that I have no such thing as a life anymore. It’s my senior year and I have to suck it up and live as a design zombie. No resturant outings, no bars, no shopping, no nothing. 24/7 in front of the computer clicking away. It’s so boring like this.

3:00 Thursday Afternoon UPDATE

Ok. It’s my day off today. Or rather I gave myself a day off. So, I’m just going to go and type whenever I feel like it today. This might be updated 20 times by the day ends because I’m a needy biatch craving attention. hahah I’m just kidding.

But, the reason why I logged back on is because I need a break. I’m constanly bombarded with my two of the clients from the freelance projects I’m working on. I’m going to freak. I had 5 phone calls from the first client within the last hour. I’m getting lots of changes through email from the second one. And I still have homework to do which I haven’t touched yet. I also still have the task of going back to school to find out if anyone stole my screen from the silkscreen lab. If someone did, I will take my revenge upon whatever new screen there is that’s lying there for my picking. Oh say’s John right there. No worries, I’ll just tape over it. HAH, too bad for whoever that is.

UPDATE 10:47

I decide to take a little walk outside to only be interupted by another call. It’s her again. There are more changes. I’m about to blow. I’m only charging around 200 for this. Why have I gone through 10+ revisions for that. I rush home to sit my ass in front of my MAC and I see my sister on. I stop and worry about the countless hours I will not make that chair my home. She tells me she will call me at around 8 tommorrow morning. Damn, its my day off. That’s too early. But I say yes. Why am I a coward? I have a bit of heartburn left over from last night and its freezing cold. This is a sad day. A sad day indeed.

Saturday 7.19

Every artist draws their influence from somewhere.

Me? I’m obsessed with the tiny. The miniscule. The small.

I draw midgets with sugary goodness on their heads.

Have you seen the muffin man? No? Sir Creamcup musta killed him

love us.

I’m planning on making more of these lil guys and then make them into stickers, magnets, and cards.
love them, support them.