Sunday Night. 5.19.13

The last time I paid attention to this blog was September 2012. I don’t mean to neglect it. Here’s my attempt to revitalize my blog with a long post about what’s happened since then.

A few days after that last blog post, I had a table at my first major craft show. The BUST Craftacular at Maker Faire.


This was how my table was set up. I had tons of goodies for sale and did fairly well. It helped me realize what attracted people and what didn’t. A few weeks after the show I received a email from They had checked out my stuff at the fair and was hoping to collaborate together for a flash sale. Of course I said yes!

The best selling item was my I LIKE PICKLES tote bags. I had a great time designing the packaging for them.


In addition to selling items I had on hand, I had also created exclusive holiday cards to be sold. They are still available for super cheap at my etsy!


I distinctly remember this time of the year I was super stressed out. Following the FAB sale I had a art gallery show at work that I had to create 3 pieces of work for. I originally wanted to work with felt but opted for digital paintings since that was all I had time for. Here’s a look at one of the paintings in postcard form.


Jump into 2013 and I got busy creating graphics for Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the snake and it took me months of planning to make the perfect snake character. I actually even had time to create traditional red envelopes.



And finally these past few weeks I’ve been playing around with some mediums other than paper. Rubber stamps, acrylic and wood galore!


The rubber stamps are currently available in my etsy shop. The panda charms and earrings are being perfected and will be updated soon. Keep an eye out for them! As always, you can connect with me on

my facebook page:

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Thanks for stopping by! I love to hear your thoughts. ^_^


Xiao Fu in the Summer.

Guess what this lady has been up to?

Woot! Wearable art! I’ve been developing my brand and characters these past 6 months and I’m super excited to reveal this. This is the first new product of mine in a while and I am so happy with the results. It is also a new medium of mine to play with so look out for more in the future. Also notice the new logo. A website is in the works as well as possibly some PVC figures. Crossing my fingers that the brain juice will continue to work and get inspired. ^-^

The design on this shirt was based off of a tiger plushie I made 2 years ago for a art gallery show. It was inspired by my first trip to China with my family and I saw all these amazing folk art. Xiao Fu is in the same set of designs as Boba pig below. They will be an entire line of animal people as well. 😀

Here is a picture of me after I ripped apart the box and immediately put on the shirt in it’s instagrammed glory.

Also would appreciate some love on my facebook page. It’s lonely.

Gallery Project

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to participate in a little meeting of creative minds. For 6 months my coworkers and I have been thinking and actively creating art just for the sake of art. No clients, no pressure, just a return to our roots back in our college days. For me, just like the college days I procrastinated till the last minute. I panicked in December and brought massive amounts of supplies. My mind was all over the place. Some ideas were too big to be completed by the February deadline so I focused on painting. I actually did 2 paintings midway and then abandoned it and started new. In the end I had 3 completed paintings and 1 sewn felted plushie. And I’m in the midst of starting another painting and have a idea to felt another creature as well. Thanks to my art director Kirk Benshoff for coming up with the idea and setting it all up. If not I would’ve never picked up a paintbrush again. All in all, it was a great night and I was dead tired by 10.

Here are some pictures I managed to take

Typography paintings by Ben

Aprons sewn by Tracy

Paintings by Maria

Lego Buildings x Works by Jonathan

Paintings by Alison

Paintings x Feltie by Yours Truly


More pics to come!



I am far from a confrontational. Unless it is a issue that bothers me beyond control, I speak up about it. I am sick of uneducated bias people. Especially from people who do not research the entire issue before putting their two cents on a public place for people around the world to see. I get very heated when it comes to the “CHINA” issue. Yes China has its faults and when I see people put their opinions on the forum, I accept it. Until some idiotic person writes “FUCK CHINA”. By writing that, you are insulting the millions of Chinese people are over the world. I take offense to that and I believe that it is totally uncalled for. I recently saw this comment on deviant art and I was immediately disgusting and saddened by it. So I wrote to the user that it was disgusting and disrespectful because it is insulting to all Chinese over the world. What did this person write back?

*shi****nth :And I should care about what you think….because?

He doesn’t see anything wrong with what he said. He calls himself a artist. He gives artist all over the world a bad name. I am ashamed to share the same title as him. I hope that the art world sees his character before accepting his work. I am not hating him for his political views. Many people on the board are against China. I did’nt say a word to them but when this guy decides to write “FUCK CHINA” I’m not going to take it.

On a happier note, my new greeting cards are up on my etsy.

Snow Day

The one thing you notice when you become an adult is that Snow Day’s no longer pertain to you as you grow older. It’s become just another hard way to figure out how to trek through that snow to get to work. Or even college. So, its a extremely cold and snow filled day today in New York. It’s still snowing right now and it’s just building up. Which means more snow to shovel when I get home from work. I feel my aching arms already. But that’s alright. I need the excercise. Which brings me to the point, that after dinner last night, I discovered my flabby stomach. I never had that before! I need to get rid of that flab.


beautiful landscape.

I’ve been a bit obsessive about stamps lately. I want to get a custom one but i can’t figure out which character of mine to do.

I’m looking into alot of a etsy seller by the name of craft pudding. Her stamps are great and she has a custom stamp section for $28.00.

image from craftpudding from etsy.

Should I get one?

President’s Day Weekend

Can you believe it? My school is opened and ready for classes on Monday. I really need a break. I want to sit home and relax with the box of chocolates my bf gave me and watch a continuous marathon of Chinese drama’s. In other words, I WANT TO BE A PIG FOR A DAY! haha. Now, I have to cram my homework to hand in Monday since we don’t have a day off. But I really just want to work on my designs for my etsy. GAHHH!!

But, I’m planning to make a new 3 card set. Not sure whether to make postcards or greeting cards. The postcards are not doing so well for me. Haven’t sold much of those. If anyone else has suggestions on what I should do with these designs, please feel free to email me or comment here.






CATNIP, Professor Catnip, and Catnip’s smiley bum >_<