Wow, hey my views are up, the highest for a while now. Of course its nothing compared to the sites that have ad sales and such but its still pretty surprising. Apparently there is a massive search for Takashi Murakami today and people was bounced to my site. 😀 Woo!

So, I finally made a carbonmade portfolio until I finally get enough time to code/script my own website with my own domain. For now, its a generic website.

So here, Check Check Check it outtt

I don’t have all my work up because with a free account they only allow 50 pictures! That’s too little, there’s no way I can show all my graphic design and illustration work along with my handcrafted items. I’m already up to 45 pictures and I feel like I hardly have anything up.


That’s a preview of how it looks like. I know, its so generic looking but there aren’t may customization options for that site. You have 2 colors (black/white) to choose from and 2 fonts (serifed/san serifed) and that’s about it. Suck’s I know. But do go check it out when you get a chance and of course spread the wordddd.

So, I’ve been complaining for a while that my wood hasn’t come in yet, well, they’re here. But now I’m too busy to make stamps from them. There sitting in the corner collecting dust while I work on my portfolio.

And anime lovers, specifically SHOJO BEAT lovers, Keep your eyes open for a little feature on ME! Yay, some of my handcrafted items got picked and is featured in one of their sections. I don’t know which one yet. There’s a little interview in the May 2009 issue. I haven’t picked up a copy but the editor told me the May issue is coming out soon. Perhaps I’ll go to B&N tomorrow to see if its out yet. 😀

Good Luck All!