Day Job

I clearly lack the motivation to blog once a week. I’m working the grown up gig now. Doing 9-5 at a big publishing firm. But I vow to you, 2012 will be a better year of updates. Here’s the first post of the year filled with lots of sketches. (and some finals) ♥

Professor Buttface says… Series

I’ll be putting prof. buttface in a series of illustrations based off of famous quotes in books.

First up is Candide. “Excellently observed,” answered Candide; “but let us cultivate our garden.”








X-Files and Me

I recently brought season 1 of the X-files. So I decided to make a mini comic about it. This is the first 2 panels. HA. Text is TK.








Bacon hair Grandma










Sweater Boy

And I made a facebook page. LIKE IT if you’re awesome!


Sun. 10.9

Nearly Four Years Ago I started with freehands

And Four Years later, they will be vectorized entirely. This is the first of many that will come.


There’s definitely a different feeling from the originals. But, I’m striving to bring that boldness and in your face color back. But every artist and designer must grow. Right?

Here’s a calendar page I’ve made for a Lithuanian art gallery who’s take designs from many artist to make a 2009 calendar. This one I designed for the month of July. It just seemed so fitting. July is my birth month and the theme for that month is sea creatures. Which I’m good at, considering all my jellypus swag and art I hawk.

BTW, anyone interested in buying my fat quarter size fabrics? See previous post for pictures. If so email me at