New Character post

I’ve always strayed from drawing and creating animal characters because I have a bias towards drawing cute fuzzy animals. Secretly I was also scared that what I created would be so influenced by other graphics I see out there that it would become a blur, unrecognizable and another character we can throw upon a pile. Ex) Monkeys. Tons out there. Most memorable one would be Paul Frank/Tony Millionaire but then there are companies likes Aeropostale and billions of other tween companies that have monkey’s.

My usual dose of characters all have a food obsession and wear it for fashion. So after doing some paintings for the gallery project back in February I realized how animals and my human characters can go hand in hand. Half of the characters created for that show were influenced by Chinese Folk Art. (Piggie painting and tiger felt plush) So I took my paintings and decided to digitally illustrate them. First in the series is the piggie and I’ve been playing with her for a few weeks now. It would be great if I can somehow incorporate my original plans to make the colorful lines in the black costume fluorescent. I dropped a teaser on my flickr of her last week to compare it to the painting but here I am formally introducing my newest character…

There’s a back story to her. For now it might not be visible only for copyright/tracing reasons. But I’m planning on illustrating a little picture book with her in it and I have some vinyl stickers in the works. I already have some glossy note cards printed and in the mail coming to me so I can upload some pictures this weekend. Yay! I’m so excited my head might explode. I just want some personal time to push out all the ideas in my head onto paper.


I’ve been on vacation for about 5 days now including this weekend. No wonder retiree’s get bored. I’m bored outta my mind. I’ve gone through my hard disk looking for old projects. I’ve been trying to improve my octogirl to make it a bit cleaner and more graphic. It’s been 4-5 years since the birth of my original drawings of her. There are about 5-6 versions of her on my MAC right now. Half I can’t even find. So, the newest I’ve made is the ganguro bright color edition. The eyes are girlier and more symetric. Their going to grace sticker form again into packs which I might start trading again.

stickers coming soon

Ya like? I might add some to the shop too if I can make enough. I need them cash. Sadly, I’m running out and my school just sent me yet another letter asking for more money. Fuckers. Merry Xmas Folks. Enjoy the holidays and drink lots of cocoa.

Hi! Nice to meet you.

My first post ever. This is a blog to archive the other side of my design. I mean, other than Flickr, I have never been able to explain my work. Now, here’s my chance and the ultra clean layouts of wordpress just makes it oh so easier.

Now, just to get the hang of posting pictures.

So, who am I? To start off, I’m Wendy. 20 year old soon to be graphic designer. I’m a collector who falls in love with everything. I love design. And, on my freetime, I design products to cater to all my obsessions and do amateur photography. So, my friends what have I been working on for the year of o8′.

Take a peek.

Ke Ai Postcards


Ke Ai Fruit Postcards

These are postcards based on some of my newer characters

that was influenced greatly by the girls of Asia and their cute culture.

Cotton Candy Girl

Cotton Candy Girl Postcards and Sticker Set

This is definitely influenced by my mom. She use to tell me about the

red bows she tied her braids with while she was in China.

This is my favorite character of the set.


Gelato Girl Postcards with packaging

I love that shade of blue! Its so rich and beautiful.