Why hello there. It’s the dessert midgets re-imagined into a much cuter look.

And in charm form. I’m planning on making these into cell phone straps and necklaces. It’s going to be a busy busy summer! Thank god for summer fridays.

Except for the fact that I end up going shopping every week. Whether for art supplies, books or clothes I waste those fridays.

More eye candy. These earring are handmade from start to finish.

Who wants to be my test subject and test these out? heheh




Wow, hey my views are up, the highest for a while now. Of course its nothing compared to the sites that have ad sales and such but its still pretty surprising. Apparently there is a massive search for Takashi Murakami today and people was bounced to my site. 😀 Woo!

So, I finally made a carbonmade portfolio until I finally get enough time to code/script my own website with my own domain. For now, its a generic website.

So here, Check Check Check it outtt

I don’t have all my work up because with a free account they only allow 50 pictures! That’s too little, there’s no way I can show all my graphic design and illustration work along with my handcrafted items. I’m already up to 45 pictures and I feel like I hardly have anything up.


That’s a preview of how it looks like. I know, its so generic looking but there aren’t may customization options for that site. You have 2 colors (black/white) to choose from and 2 fonts (serifed/san serifed) and that’s about it. Suck’s I know. But do go check it out when you get a chance and of course spread the wordddd.

So, I’ve been complaining for a while that my wood hasn’t come in yet, well, they’re here. But now I’m too busy to make stamps from them. There sitting in the corner collecting dust while I work on my portfolio.

And anime lovers, specifically SHOJO BEAT lovers, Keep your eyes open for a little feature on ME! Yay, some of my handcrafted items got picked and is featured in one of their sections. I don’t know which one yet. There’s a little interview in the May 2009 issue. I haven’t picked up a copy but the editor told me the May issue is coming out soon. Perhaps I’ll go to B&N tomorrow to see if its out yet. 😀

Good Luck All!


I’ve been on vacation for about 5 days now including this weekend. No wonder retiree’s get bored. I’m bored outta my mind. I’ve gone through my hard disk looking for old projects. I’ve been trying to improve my octogirl to make it a bit cleaner and more graphic. It’s been 4-5 years since the birth of my original drawings of her. There are about 5-6 versions of her on my MAC right now. Half I can’t even find. So, the newest I’ve made is the ganguro bright color edition. The eyes are girlier and more symetric. Their going to grace sticker form again into packs which I might start trading again.

stickers coming soon

Ya like? I might add some to the shop too if I can make enough. I need them cash. Sadly, I’m running out and my school just sent me yet another letter asking for more money. Fuckers. Merry Xmas Folks. Enjoy the holidays and drink lots of cocoa.

Chipped Teeth and Champagne

Yes, I chipped my tooth. The big tooth in the back of my right side to be exact. Now, its a bothersome pointed edge slicing the side of my tongue at every movement. I have weak teeth. I need to drink more milk. Perhaps chocolate milk will make it better. heheh. Yeah, that will do.

As casually mentioned in the last post, I am back from the photo shoot. And no, sadly I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures. It would have been quite disrespectful to the photographer that day, which btw is a fabulous nice man. It was a tiring day because I was there from 8-6. But it was a nice experience for me. It fascinates me how natural those kids were at it. They were working it at age 6. And a offer had been proposed to me to continue working beyond the internship at my job. I’m excited yet sad at the same time. That means, less time to have fun the final year before I would graduate but it also means that I would earn more money and gain more experience.

I’m a bit torn right now. I have no time for anything these days. Designing my own characters, friends, my bf or even hanging out in the city.

Other than that, I was finally able to list my new magnets onto my etsy. yeah that took awhile. I finished designing one more character to the set. Miss Blueberry. It took me a long time to finish all this. I hope to have about 15 or so of these characters.

Meet the crew.

Miss Blueberry is slowing starting to be my favorite. haha look at her braces!

Their all happy on my fridge.



Introducing the New and Old Snack girls. They will soon become sticker and card form and available in a store other than my own. Yippee. So Excited. That’s the update for now. I just got my huge comic book order and I’m giddy. Going to rip open the package and read. Will take pics later for comic book fans.

Please do not redistribute or reproduce my work without my consent.

All work is property of Wendy Chan and JellyDesigns.


I am far from a confrontational. Unless it is a issue that bothers me beyond control, I speak up about it. I am sick of uneducated bias people. Especially from people who do not research the entire issue before putting their two cents on a public place for people around the world to see. I get very heated when it comes to the “CHINA” issue. Yes China has its faults and when I see people put their opinions on the forum, I accept it. Until some idiotic person writes “FUCK CHINA”. By writing that, you are insulting the millions of Chinese people are over the world. I take offense to that and I believe that it is totally uncalled for. I recently saw this comment on deviant art and I was immediately disgusting and saddened by it. So I wrote to the user that it was disgusting and disrespectful because it is insulting to all Chinese over the world. What did this person write back?

*shi****nth :And I should care about what you think….because?

He doesn’t see anything wrong with what he said. He calls himself a artist. He gives artist all over the world a bad name. I am ashamed to share the same title as him. I hope that the art world sees his character before accepting his work. I am not hating him for his political views. Many people on the board are against China. I did’nt say a word to them but when this guy decides to write “FUCK CHINA” I’m not going to take it.

On a happier note, my new greeting cards are up on my etsy.

Hi! Nice to meet you.

My first post ever. This is a blog to archive the other side of my design. I mean, other than Flickr, I have never been able to explain my work. Now, here’s my chance and the ultra clean layouts of wordpress just makes it oh so easier.

Now, just to get the hang of posting pictures.

So, who am I? To start off, I’m Wendy. 20 year old soon to be graphic designer. I’m a collector who falls in love with everything. I love design. And, on my freetime, I design products to cater to all my obsessions and do amateur photography. So, my friends what have I been working on for the year of o8′.

Take a peek.

Ke Ai Postcards


Ke Ai Fruit Postcards

These are postcards based on some of my newer characters

that was influenced greatly by the girls of Asia and their cute culture.

Cotton Candy Girl

Cotton Candy Girl Postcards and Sticker Set

This is definitely influenced by my mom. She use to tell me about the

red bows she tied her braids with while she was in China.

This is my favorite character of the set.


Gelato Girl Postcards with packaging

I love that shade of blue! Its so rich and beautiful.