Hello Dango~

I’ve been busy this year releasing several new lines of cute characters for my company Merry Happy Studios. Among them is the dango x animal remix design. If you’re not familiar with dango’s, they’re a Japanese sweet dessert made of rice flour and comes 3 on a stick. They’re super yummy and pretty too! Take a peep below to see my design~


These plushies were made in a limited edition number of 150 and they’re so squishy and soft. ^-^ They’re still available on my website and etsy.



Acrylic necklaces on gold accented ball chains


Waterproof vinyl stickers. Slapping them everywhere!

So what do you guys think? You like? I’m always looking for feedback. 😀


Sunday Night. 5.19.13

The last time I paid attention to this blog was September 2012. I don’t mean to neglect it. Here’s my attempt to revitalize my blog with a long post about what’s happened since then.

A few days after that last blog post, I had a table at my first major craft show. The BUST Craftacular at Maker Faire.


This was how my table was set up. I had tons of goodies for sale and did fairly well. It helped me realize what attracted people and what didn’t. A few weeks after the show I received a email from FAB.com. They had checked out my stuff at the fair and was hoping to collaborate together for a flash sale. Of course I said yes!

The best selling item was my I LIKE PICKLES tote bags. I had a great time designing the packaging for them.


In addition to selling items I had on hand, I had also created exclusive holiday cards to be sold. They are still available for super cheap at my etsy!


I distinctly remember this time of the year I was super stressed out. Following the FAB sale I had a art gallery show at work that I had to create 3 pieces of work for. I originally wanted to work with felt but opted for digital paintings since that was all I had time for. Here’s a look at one of the paintings in postcard form.


Jump into 2013 and I got busy creating graphics for Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the snake and it took me months of planning to make the perfect snake character. I actually even had time to create traditional red envelopes.



And finally these past few weeks I’ve been playing around with some mediums other than paper. Rubber stamps, acrylic and wood galore!


The rubber stamps are currently available in my etsy shop. The panda charms and earrings are being perfected and will be updated soon. Keep an eye out for them! As always, you can connect with me on

my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MerryHappyStudios

my etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/merryhappystudios

Thanks for stopping by! I love to hear your thoughts. ^_^

I’ve been on vacation for about 5 days now including this weekend. No wonder retiree’s get bored. I’m bored outta my mind. I’ve gone through my hard disk looking for old projects. I’ve been trying to improve my octogirl to make it a bit cleaner and more graphic. It’s been 4-5 years since the birth of my original drawings of her. There are about 5-6 versions of her on my MAC right now. Half I can’t even find. So, the newest I’ve made is the ganguro bright color edition. The eyes are girlier and more symetric. Their going to grace sticker form again into packs which I might start trading again.

stickers coming soon

Ya like? I might add some to the shop too if I can make enough. I need them cash. Sadly, I’m running out and my school just sent me yet another letter asking for more money. Fuckers. Merry Xmas Folks. Enjoy the holidays and drink lots of cocoa.


I finally did it. After much procrastination I finally got myself some Moo Postcards done. I can’t wait until I’m able to smell that crisp newly printed goods.

These are some of the designs I’ve submitted for the pack of 20.

I’ve been slacking lately. I need to catch up with my homework, work work and designing more characters. I can’t rely on working off the dessert midgets forever.

My health has been declining lately as well. I don’t know what’s causing all this. I don’t feel stressed so it can’t be that. But, I’ve put off the doctor’s visit for too long. I made an appointment and I’m going this Friday. I pray that I’m healthy and what’s happening is merely a allergic reaction.

PROMO of the WEEK: Even though I get nothing from it.

Thursday night I went to a advanced screening of SEXDRIVE. It is so funny, so you get a chance, go catch it. But, it isn’t for people who can’t take perverse jokes and such. Seeing how I am a perverse joker, I loved it.

I don’t get anything from this promo but I did get a wicked hand held fan and a too tiny tshirt for me before the screening. But still, I got something right? haah Look at their website and see the dancing donut.

Hi! Nice to meet you.

My first post ever. This is a blog to archive the other side of my design. I mean, other than Flickr, I have never been able to explain my work. Now, here’s my chance and the ultra clean layouts of wordpress just makes it oh so easier.

Now, just to get the hang of posting pictures.

So, who am I? To start off, I’m Wendy. 20 year old soon to be graphic designer. I’m a collector who falls in love with everything. I love design. And, on my freetime, I design products to cater to all my obsessions and do amateur photography. So, my friends what have I been working on for the year of o8′.

Take a peek.

Ke Ai Postcards


Ke Ai Fruit Postcards

These are postcards based on some of my newer characters

that was influenced greatly by the girls of Asia and their cute culture.

Cotton Candy Girl

Cotton Candy Girl Postcards and Sticker Set

This is definitely influenced by my mom. She use to tell me about the

red bows she tied her braids with while she was in China.

This is my favorite character of the set.


Gelato Girl Postcards with packaging

I love that shade of blue! Its so rich and beautiful.