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Tiger vinyl stickers.


Farewell Summer.


8.16.09 Artist Spotlight

Last Friday was suppose to be my last day of work. But luckily, due to a wonderful miracle I’m staying at my job for a extra month. It’s not a miracle really, its very much due to Ed Young. Over the summer I had the pleasure of meeting him twice to work on his new book and he is so down to earth, witty and funny.  Getting involved in Ed’s book was purely by accident though…

Nearly 2 weeks ago I was just finishing up a project and going out to pick up the print out for the project when I see a man standing outside looking quite a bit lost. He had a portfolio in his hand and it was a strange sight because even if artist come in to the building, they rarely wander to my area of workspace. So as I start approaching, he asks me for directions to the editors office and I gladly give it to him. Only when he slightly turns to walk away that I see his visitor pass. And on it says ED YOUNG and my hearts starts to freak. After he left, I literally paced outside my room for a good 3 minutes not knowing what to do. So I somehow ended up next to the Senior Designer’s desk and I start blabbering about how I just met Ed Young. I must have been making a commotion because the senior art director comes over and tells me to come along to the meeting. And from there, I’ve been involved with the project ever since. I can’t wait to see the results of the book though I’m sure I won’t be there when it comes to completion. I personally can’t wait to see and get a bound copy of the book. The contents of it, I won’t say but its something that I can very much identify with.
(T_T <— I tried to make the crying face with the letters but obviously it would only work with a sans-serif font. )

Ed’s other works are a mix between painting and collage work. His most recent book Wabi Sabi is just so beautifully made and reached the NY Times best seller list. If you haven’t gotten a chance to look at it, It’s a great resource book for designers, artists, and lovers of the beautiful.

Click on the picture to buy your copy from Amazon.

Check out more of Ed Young’s work at

And on a ending note, I’m so sad the summer is coming to a end. Summer has always been my favorite season. And every year I have a active imagination of how I will spend it. But it never ends up the way imagined. And now another year is going to end. How incredibly sad.

Why Me.

I hate insects. I hate bugs. They must hate me too because I just woke up with a huge mosquito bite on my right arm Thursday night. It swelled up so badly that the blood circulation in that arm nearly stopped. I had trouble moving my arm and when I tried, it was mighty painful. I had to run some of my trusty Chinese ointments on it to stop the pain.

When I woke up this morning, I was greeted with 5 more bites. Curse you damn mosquito.
I will find you and smack you dead 10 times to payback for these itchy swelled mounds upon my body.