Sketch, Sketch Tuesdays

Memories from this summer

And of course some new things I have done/created

Tiger vinyl stickers.


Farewell Summer.


A photography post

I took advantage of the sunlight this weekend and played around with my camera more. I took these shots of these two new toys in my collection. The craftsmenship of these figures are crazy good. They’re Bishoujo manga-fied renditions of DC Comics female characters. The price is a bit hefty but they’re worth it.

First up is Batgirl.


The details are so gorgeous it’s sick. Look at the lashes.

Next up is poison ivy. This one was just released last week and the price tag has increased by $10. Sad face.

Look at her nails…

I’m quite pleased with the quality of the camera in daylight. It’s crisp and the colors are amazing.

Comic Con 2008

Am I a Nerd? Possibly. Did I get excited about going to the NY Comic Con? HELL YEAH.

BEST PART EVER! Simone Legno of TokiDoki Signing my bf’s toy and my bearbrick.

Pardon the sideway sketch.

Simone’s drawing in my sketchbook.

I also brought a bunch of comic books. haha It was pretty much DC Comics but I would’ve loved to buy some Archie ones. They didnt have any Archie’s Digest though but plenty of the bigger ones which I’m not a big fan of. My bf took all the comics home! Couldn’t read them at least yet.

It was a pretty good day yesterday till towards the end. When I started to have a coughing fit so hard that my stomach felt like it was being tugged at. That wasnt a good feeling. But other than that, it was a good experience. You all should attend your local comic con. :]