My current playlist this cloudy Saturday as I work


Friday Musings

The weekend is suppose to be hot. HOT HOT HOT. 90 degrees and above yet right now it looks as if it will rain. I sure hope it doesn’t. I’m finally having a get together dinner with some old friends and rain will sure bring it down. Hopefully the sun will come out soon.

Some new things I’ve been working on are more girls illustrations. This time, I wanted them to be a bit more mature looking with fantastic looking hair. Have I got that affect down?

I’m getting excited in doing more of the girls. I’ve been sketching a lot in my lately and perhaps I was hoping I could have a Digi Doodle Post every week. I would post a original of the sketch and a digital version after I got my fingers and hands at it. Sounds fun to me especially since I’ve got so many characters in my book that I would love to see colored in. I will get to that next week hopefully.

Speaking of next week, I start working on Monday. I’m nervous and scared and don’t know what to wear. AI’S.